Release the Fear of Rejection Once and for All

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Published: 12th December 2012
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Release the Fear of Rejection Once and for All

Anytime you step up in the world with your ideas and requests you open yourself to rejection, opposition and criticism. It's often at the core of why many people don't take risks that might bring them more life fulfillment. Does fear of rejection stop you from avoiding such things as:

• asking for a promotion?
• inviting someone to hire you, work with you or buy from you?
• asking someone out on a date or inviting friends over for a gathering?

The “Blessing in Disguise” Habit

Over all the years of studying what shifts your mindset at unconscious levels I've discovered what makes the biggest difference to dissolving this fear. It's the old trick of “How is this a blessing in disguise?” While this is common wisdom we’ve all heard, many people keep it as an intellectual concept rather than something applied to your own life.

Habits = New Neural Pathways

As you might be aware, regular thought habits can become programs in your unconscious mind, much like a piece of software on your computer. For example, a habit of worrying about money can become a mind program causing you to focus on things that might make you lose money, rather than on what could build your income. What you focus on grows. It's like you are building software in your mind to block you from attracting prosperity.

List 7 Blessings

Think back to a rejection you experienced in your life and ask yourself--how was it a blessing? List at least 7 things. That may be easier to see with some rejections than others. In that case, just imagine how it might become a blessing.

An Example

In my early twenties, I auditioned with 200 other people for 20 spots in a prestigious acting school and was accepted. However, I knew that only two out of the twenty people ended up completing the program. I really wanted to be one of those two people but alas there came a day when the school director said “You aren’t cut out for acting and we want you to leave the school”. At the time I felt devastated and went into a slump in my life. When I tried listing 7 Blessings everything changed. I wrote such things as:

1. This might set me on a better path.
2. This might be teaching me resilience.
3. It’s a chance to see if I can maintain a sense of self-worth regardless of what others say or do.
4. It might strengthen my resolve to succeed in this profession anyway.
5. It’s feedback about what to improve as an actor.
6. I’m rethinking how I make decisions about where I get educated.
7. It might be freeing me up to actually work as an actor—real world experience is often better.

After I did that, I started getting invited to be in all kinds of shows for the next few years without even really trying—no auditions. At a certain point I realized that the lifestyle of an actor wasn't my true life path. I really wanted to be an educator helping people free themselves of creative blocks so they could speak to groups, lead teams through transitions, and make a difference for others. All that theater training served me well in that new profession. If I had succeeded in that acting program I might have stayed in the profession all my life and not had this career, which is much more on purpose for me. In short, those 7 blessings ended up becoming a reality.

Famous People Who Got Rejection

1. Margaret Mitchell’s bestselling book, Gone With the Wind was rejected by 25 publishers.
2. Bill Gates first business called Traf-O-Data was a huge flop.
3. Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
4. Einstein could not read until he was seven causing his teachers to reject him for regular school and try to put him in a mentally handicapped program.

If You Never got Rejected Life Would Get Very Boring

If nobody ever experience rejection than every direction in life would seem perfect, there would never be any need to grow, improve, or re-create yourself. In short, life would be very boring. If you do the 7 blessings exercise on a regular basis you'll start to create a new program in your mind. You’ll notice that the fear of rejection doesn't hold you back from taking risks that bring more fulfillment, prosperity and a deeper sense of purpose.

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